CPLSO was set up in 2005 as Crane Power Line Safety Organisation but soon realised that provision of standards was a key element of our work. In 2014 the name was simplified to CPLSO and in 2016 became an accredited ANSI Standards Organization.

CPLSO continues to provide related standards in electro-physiology based upon discoveries made to prevent power line electrocution. These include such standards as Electro shock weapons and effects of charge on humans.


  • Provide safe and reliable Standards for products to prevent fatalities and injuries.
  • Use a Consensus Standards with not less than 25% of committee members being able to demonstrate suitable academic qualifications.
  • All members must abide with a Code of Ethics which seeks the good of the workers and public before the company profits of membership.
  • Reduce the direct and consequential costs from fatalities and injuries.
  • Self-regulate and discipline manufacturing industry.
  • Raise funds for training and product development to reduce fatalities and injuries.

CPLSO Principles

CPLSO’s purpose is to save lives, prevent workplace injuries and illnesses, and protect the health of all. This includes efforts to protect groups who are small and unorganized but who are particularly vulnerable or who face special hazards.

  • Whenever possible, CPLSO will seek and expect implementation of hazard control strategies based upon primary prevention, i.e., strategies which focus on fixing the underlying causes of problems and reducing hazardous exposures at their source.
  • CPLSO will initiate strategic, public-private partnerships to identify and encourage the spread of industry best practices to solve national problems.
  • Employer commitment and meaningful employee participation and involvement in safety and health is a key ingredient in effective programs.
  • All safety and health services, resources, rules, and information must be readily accessible and understandable to employees, employers, and general public..
  • CPLSO intends to be a performance-oriented, data-driven organization that places the highest premium on real results rather than activities and processes. CPLSO’s programs must be judged according to their success at eliminating hazards and reducing injuries and illnesses.